How it works?

Understand how our Writing Project will revolutionize your writing.

Know Our Correction

In the Professional Correction model, you receive the note of your essay and a detailed commentary by audio or by text.

Collaborative correction

Free template where users themselves provide feedbacks.

Professional Correction

Corrections made by our team of teachers. To receive this type of correction, you must sign one of our plans.

Frequently Asked Questions

Ask your questions about sending essays and other things in the Writing Project and knew how to enjoy the site better.

4 essays per month mean one per week?

No. You can even send the 4 essays on the same day. There is no writing restriction per week. We post new themes every week, but you can write for themes from previous weeks.

Will I have the correction corrected in the free plan?

The free plan does not give right to professional correction, in this plan the correction is made in a collaborative way through comments in the texts by other users.

What is the site’s cancellation policy?

If you give up the service within 7 days of signing, you will have the money fully refunded.

My plan has expired, will I have my essay corrected?

Yes. Even if you submit all essays for correction on the last day of your plan, you will have all essays corrected in the same way. If you have any problems, just contact us and we will solve them.

I paid the ticket, how long to release my access?

The term of access clearance after payment of the ticket is up to 4 business days.

I bought the card, will I be charged every month?

No. When making a purchase, you will be buying only for the selected period. When your plan expires, you will not be charged automatically, meaning the subscription is not recurring.

Who will correct my essays?

Check here our team of brokers. Modesty aside, we have a sensational team. 🙂 In the team link, you can see the description, photo, curriculum lattes and links of social networks of teachers. Is not it the maximum?

Is the delivery time 7 working days?

Yes. Our deadline takes into account business hours (8am to 6pm). In the case of newsletters sent outside business hours, the deadline is counted from 8:00 am on the following business day.

Can I submit essays for other topics?

Not yet. Later we will release a service to allow you to send essays for other topics, for now the essays should be sent to the themes proposed by us.

Do you correct essays other than APA style?

Not yet. Our corrections are based on APA 5 competencies. We will soon post topics for specific college entrance exams. But for now our only model of correction is APA.

Corrections for public tenders? You do?

It depends. If the writing style of the contest is essay-argumentative, our corrections can help you write better. Our teachers’ comments are complete. Here’s an example.

How often do you post the themes?

Topics are posted weekly on the site. Registered users (and who allow sending of newsletter) are warned by email as soon as a new theme comes out. An app comes soon.