3 argumentative strategies for your essay

As you already know, the argumentative essay, charged in the exam, requires building a consistent argument. However, for many students, this is a tricky point in producing the text.

Thinking about it, the Editorial Project Blog selected three strategies that can help in the construction of the development of your text.

1) Evidence – The proof is given by the presentation of statistical data, research, studies, statistics, which consist of concrete evidence. These resources are presented to prove, prove what is being discussed and defended.

2) Cause and consequence relationship – This is a strategy that is widely used and consists of the presentation of facts that are cause, that is, what motivates, and of facts that are consequence, what is caused. The consequences can be positive or negative, everything will depend on the design of the text.

3) Contrast – The argumentation can be constructed from the opposition between two sides of the same fact, in this construction, usually, the positive side and the negative side are presented. With this feature, the student shows that he knows the subject well and recognizes what he generates.

There are, however, other strategies, but whatever is chosen, what is important is that the argument is well organized, that it presents a critical sense, that it is within the cut and that it is, in fact, defending the thesis raised.